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UK Budget 2014 (deprecated)

This was an article about sources; conclusions and polemic are on the linked blog articles, see below/overleaf. The sources were documented in delicious and are now no longer available.
I wrote two blog articles on the 2014 Budget, one pretty snippy about the patronising nature of the bingo and beer tax changes and the Tory boasting and one on the impact on annuity providers in the UK. Here are some of the sources I came across either before or after writing them.
I also made a note of some sources on annuity price theory.

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  1. Annuities, a note on price theory |
    […] There is a companion wiki article on the UK 2014 Budget. […]
  2. Dave
    This is an article about sources, conclusions and polemic are on the blog. The sources were documented in delicious and no longer work. I have marked the article as deprecated.

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