Upgrading MacOS X

And on to 10.9

There was a rumour that it was best to stop at 10.8, Mountain Lion but by the time I got round to it htis wasn’t an option. The Appstore only permitted an upgrade to Mavericks; is this a cat?  The Appstore upgrade works fine.
And now onto Macports which is a pain, and I document on my Macports page.
Filevault is a constraint as well. You’ll need a better answer than I used if any of your pre 10.8 users had Filevault encrypted home directories.

10.5 to 10.6

First of all read this, How to upgrade from leopard to snow leopard. See also Mac OS about upgrades.
Get an external disk and make a time machine backup.

  1. Install the OS from the disk, this seems pretty non-disruptive, all the Mac Apps seem to be working. Maybe we can get iMail to work
  2. Run a check for updates and install the new updates
  3. Upgrade Firefox, Thunderbird & Adium using their screen interfaces
  4. install Xcode from the disk and run check for updates. This is needed for macports.

Next work on Macports & the GUI
See below my recent MacOS bookmarks

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