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Liferay is an open source, free portal server written in Java.


One of the links broke, so I went to their site and checked out the developer page‘ the code is still there.

How to

They had a Quick Start page which illustrates a 4 step how to get started process. This is the link that broke and is now a web archive link.

Container Version Control

The 6.0.6 version has a .war only at Source Forge. I have downloaded this to the VM. I plan to use it to install Liferay in a version of tomcat maintained by Ubuntu’s apt-get.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Dave
    I haven't been able to return to this, I have had little need but it did occur to me that creating portlets that supported chat and integrated with something like getsatisfaction would be good and helpful.
  2. Dave
    A link broke, I have restored them to today's and retired the following comments, "Liferay comes bundled with a private copy of its web container, and with tomcat binds to localhost:8080." I aslo removed some 15 year old project checkpoints and todo items. I don't think we need them any more.

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