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The first was at Sun, the second on snipsnap, the third on 1+1’s canned wordpress, and the 4th will be on wordpress at 1+1.
I originally chose to use the wordpress theme, zbench, its page is here…..
I moved the blog and changed the url from a sub domain to a page in a wordpress instance i.e. and changed the theme to spacious.
I have moved my comments on the customisation of zbench to comments on this page.

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  1. zbench |
    [...] have decided to use Zbench as my theme for the my revised blog, for which I have a wiki article, called [...]
  2. Dave
    I have today, moved these comments, written between July 2012, to July '18 to this comment as they have been superceded, mainly by Jetpack I have been experimenting with rating and installed and uninstalled the following plugins comment rating field plugin, comment rating widget, rate, rate this page, rating widget I finally settled on Vote-it-Up, see also its plugin site, which I comment on at this article on this wiki. It supports up and down, it contains a widget for both voting and displaying popular scores. I am currently experimenting with tweet-button, which I'll probably keep and Add This, which I probably won't this time; I reckon Vote it Up and Tweet are what I want. (I'll drop addthis because in order to tune it to do what I want, will involve a shit load of programming in languages I don't know. It used to be easier, but integrating the vote-this-up, particularly given that it may be abandonware, is not something I want to take on. I am interested in offering twitter, delicious, mail, bookmark and vote this up.)
  3. Dave
    I added the Related Post plugin in June 2013, and upgraded it to Jetpack in the summer of 2018.
  4. Dave
    I added artiss code embed in Oct 2013, see Embedding Code in Wordpress, I still use this.

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