This page was originally written in 2010, and may have been posted to the snipsnap bliki. When I rescued it, I copied it to the blog and then decided it would be better on the wiki. I made a major rewrite in 2021 as I considered writing alternate style sheets for some old sites that I enjoy using. Here as ever are my notes on stylish/user styles.
I was originally looking at applying a responsive stylesheet to my own blogs, to improve the UX, particularly on the phone. I now use WordPress and the theme publishers on the whole solve this problem.
I have made a new style sheet for, I need to apply the style to the page using the firefox extension; I am hoping that my problem is a propagation delay. The style is now on the internet.It is obtained by using the install button on the style’s home page.
I now need to experiment with making the menu appear/disappear.
I need to now consider merging my two accounts on the site. Oops! The old one has the better display name.
I might however

  • write a user style for the NWN Vault, whose visual style, I find old fashioned and cluttered.
  • The same applies to although it may not have the <div> statements, but it could do with the help.
  • Someone’s written a geospaces stylesheet, maybe I should learn to apply it to

How I did it.,

  1. Make a CSS file
  2. Make a screen shot .png (this has size limits < 200k).
  3. Read this, and use one of its tips on inhibiting global styles, I used the @-moz-document domain( {} rune
  4. Upload the style to the site, making a style web page
  5. Use the web page to install the style and the extension widget to turn it off.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Dave
    These words were removed today, 'I think I originally considered using this technology with snipsnap, or one of 1and1’s canned offerings, I said, “Since I don’t have full control over the look and feel of this blog, I had a look at I have downloaded stylish and installed it into one of the copies of Firefox that I use. I then made some changes to my test site and installed a user style locally in Firefox, so it all worked quite well. I need to examine how to upload a style to the internet and allow a page to offer the download, as do some of the style pages in the gallery on their home page at'
  2. Dave
    I now need to merge the two user accounts. Thank goodness for password books.
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