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I have holidayed in Greece on many occasions, on packages and latterly with Sunsail. This page was updated and used between 2004 & 2009. It was flagged by the broken link tool in 2017 and the content was pretty dated.  I removed most of it. 17 Feb 2018

Sailing in the Ionian

I sailed in the Ionian with Sunsail. They run several routes/flotilla’s from their base in Vounaki, in NW Greece. I traveled with them in the second week of June and it was beginning to get a bit busy. I wouldn’t want to go later in the season, when its also a lot hotter. 16th June 2008
Preveza (PVK) airport is small and similar to many of the Greek airports. Don’t take pictures. It has a cafe on both sides of security, but its very expensive, and a tax free shop, if you need it. Otherwise take water, food and books on the return journey; charter flights are often delayed, and were in my case. 16th June 2008

Kalmos Harbour CC DFL 2008 BY-SA

I will buy and take a parallel ruler and chart-plotter next time. They lent us a copy of Ionian by Rod Heikell, which we used as our almanac, I may get a copy of this to plan my next holiday.
While researching my 2009 trip, I discovered that Igoumenitsa is the important entry port from Italy, so maybe another time. NB There are ferries from Venice.

Island Hopping

An article from Fodors suggesting an Aegan route using the “Flying Dolphins”. See


Here are some web sites with general facts about the place.

and the Ionian Islands

I thought I might go back to Santorini via and they offered me a flight via Athens airport, Athens Eleftherios Venizelos, here’s what I found about how to spend my time there.
Will I go back to Santorini?


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    £353 odd Santorini from LHR, change in Athens in March 2020

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