New York

And I am back in NYC. Jun 2014
I need a new copy of the Rough Guide.
I foundĀ  this and this on tipping, 20% if good, 10% if poor, zero if abysmal, the bills come with tips worked out for the hard of maths but start at 18%. Tipping the doorman and bag carrier is now $1-2, but in the case of the doorman only if he hails a taxi or something.
Maybe I should add the Reservoir Dogs scene as a video clip.

To Do

Still not been to the Guggenheim or the Zoo. Nor seen the Rangers or Devils play.
Tripadviser says, 10 best things to do on NYC. Maybe I need to do a tour. one attraction though is the food, sure to be still good.
And here are my pictures…
NYC World Trade Centre


I like this one, once known as the Shelburn Murray Hill, I have stayed there twice, once inĀ  a suite and once in a room. The roof was a bar a last time I went.

Getting Around


I have just returned on business. Even at 23:00, the queue for yellow taxis is long. Pre-book a limo, or get the hotel bus. Jun 2014
This site,, uses a heat map to show how far two places are using the NY Subway.

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