Snipsnap Portlets

This is an article about Snipsnap. There are a number of snips in the database called snipsnap-portlet-n. These will be displayed on a snipsnap page with a known class name, so CSS can be written for them.
I documented the code of the sidebar on the original wiki, partly as a backup. To edit the sidebar, use snipsnap-portlet-1. To see the code today, you’ll have to go to the Snipsnap site.
This was copied across from Snipsnap on 26th July 2013.

Comment ( 1 )

  1. Skimmer
    Hi Dave, Sorry to see you migrated from snipsnap... I have used it for many years. I was doing some searching for anything active on snipsnap, it looks like about Feb of 2009 is the last I can find. Also notice there may have been some problems between the interested members in doing a reboot of the software about that time. pabrantes seemed to have the most knowledge and best fork of snipsnap. Please let me know if you know anything more on what happened to Paulo or his fork. Regards

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