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We visited Valencia in Sept. 2009. One of the sights we visited was the Americas Cup port and museum. The showdown between Alinghi and BMW/Oracle will now take place off the port of Valencia in February 2010. You can see my pictures in this Valencia set on flickr. The page notes the 2010 America’s cup match which Oracle won 3-0 and my notes on how to get there, this an next time.

33rd Americas Cup

After all the trials, tribulations and court time in New York, ‘natch, the 33rd Americas Cup will be fought off the coast of Spain, with Valencia as the host city in Feb 2010.

Some of these links below are videos of the boats.
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The BBC’s Weather Page for Valencia


View Valencia in a larger map

Getting there

Valencia IATA code is VLC. Easyjet flt direct from LGW. Iberia fly indirect from LHR, via Madrid and BCN. BA fly to Alicante & Barcelona, or to Madrid for a connection to Valencia with Air Nostrum.
Via Alicante
BA don’t have that many scheduled flights to Alicante. They fly from LGW and are only offering a 06:25 AM flight. This looks like a no-no. Even with stops on the way. I calculate an 8.5 hour journey. The trains on Sunday don’t start ’till after lunch and it would best involved staying overnight in Alicante. Bugger! I dscover minutes after booking Barcelona tickets with BA that do trips to Alicante from Southampton. The only ache would be parking
Via Barcelona
This is an alternative. Its further, the trains are more expensive but, we’ve been there before.
The Euromed trains take 3 hours, and there are seven on Wednesday. There are some very slow trains taking either 4 or over five and half hours. Some of the locals only take 3:30 though. On Sunday, there are many more trains to Barcelona starting at 8:35 with later trains arriving at 18:09 or 21:13 @ Barcelona Sants.

  • Wednesday times to Valencia
  • Sunday times to Barcelona Sants

I plan to stay in the H10 Itaca on the Sunday night on the way home, before flying to London on Monday.

To LHR Take Off Landing To Valencia Arrive Valencia Comments
Start Times 9:20 11:20 14:20 16:00 18:59 There’s another train at 17:00
Durations 2:00 2:00 1:40 2:59

The trains were so full we had to take first class. This didn’t seem that expensive to those of use used to Network Rail prices and it was very comfortable and came with complimentary snacks.

Staying there

This site,, a typical hotel site, lots of pictures, although no sound track. The site claims an Underground Line 5, direct to the airport. You need to change from tram to Metro, but its there allright.


I need to work out how to use the RENFE site to pre-book tickets. The trains were very full. Maybe travel via Alicante next time. Get to the Municipal Museum, Valancia has a great history

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