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I used Plazes for a couple of years, until they turned it off. Like everything it has a wikipedia page; one of its delights was the automatic way that once configured your laptop would record your itinerary, and publish it through a web widget. Bit spooky. Obviously built by people that ‘got’ social, and in Europe too, which was why it was bought by Nokia in 2012 and almost certainly part of windows phone now. Here are what remains of my notes …
I had a fairly detailed page in which I recorded notes on how to use the network, and its features. It was linked to their getsatisfaction site which they used to mange their customer correspondence.

Active customer service discussions in Plazes tagged “davelevy”

Get Satisfaction support network

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  1. Snipsnap and the ‘html’ macro |
    [...] is used on the Plazes article as [...]

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