The Last Inn

This is a NWN community written module. I downloaded this and have tried to play it twice with a pre-made wizard character. In both games after a time, all the NPC’s in the village turn hostile, won’t talk and can’t be damaged. You can’t get the next quest hints. I may try and carry on, to see if this is a hint that you shouldn’t be returning to the village, but maybe not. I have documented this on the Last Inn page at nwnvault , if you know anything about this, please document it there.
This requires the CEP package, and is of the age that it needs CEP V1. Checkout the CEP section on ‘NWN – Some Modules’. The CEP V1 for NWN V1.68 + Enhancments is available at nwnvault. It took a bit of reading, but basically the most recent version of CEP V1, while documented as pre-V1.68 compatible, is V1.68 compatible.
As stated, this is written for children, the dialogue is sometimes very simple, and the focus is on combat. A number of reviewers found this refreshing. There are constraints on when one can rest, which might be annoying for spell casters.

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  1. NWN – Some Modules |
    [...] Last Inn, by CoolLew. Written for children. See also The Last Inn on this site. [...]

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